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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

Janome Remote Thread Cutter Switch with Foot Control Holding Plate.

Save time and cut the thread with your foot with this remote thread cutter switch. Keep your hands on your quilt and cut the thread by pressing your foot on the small remote thread cutter switch. The holding plate keeps your large white foot controller in place making sewing and cutting the thread a lot easier.

Part No; 858418008

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Janome 6700P Bobbin Case 858570009

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Janome 6700P Bobbin Case

A replacement bobbin case

Part No; 858570009

Janome 6700p Foot Control

Replacement foot control for Janome 6700p sewing machine.

Large off white foot control with single jack plug. The is a compartment under the foot to wrap the cable up when not in use.

Please note foot controller are specific to each model. This foot control is for a 6700p

Part No; 043170108