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Embroidery Designs

Machine Embroidery patterns / designs for using with your Embroidery Machine

I have been commercially embroidering for 4 years and have self tought the digitising using Creative Drawings.

In March 2016 - we successfully achieved the Brother dealership and agency for selling sewing and embroidery machines.
So we now offer training for the machines, sales and service and digitising training aswell as digitising for those who just want the joy of embroidery.

Patterns will be available - some have been uploaded with prices.
Other patterns are samples of my work to show you the quality.

Please let me know what you need and i will quote accordingly and attention to detail goes into every design that is created 
Copyright of designs remains with Refresh. Do not copy or share the file. 
You are welcome to sell the items you make with the pattern

Our Facebook group is @RefreshEmbroideryDigitisingDesignService
These designs and patterns are not be sold, shared, or distributed in any manner. You are welcome to sell items that are embroidered with our designs.

The license prohibits selling, sharing, trading, or distributing the digital file. 
Please do not share the designs. 
If your friend or family member wants one of our designs, have him/her come to our site to buy a license for the design. 

You are not allowed to edit the design in any manner