Brother Embroidery Foot With LED Pointer (FLED1)



Brother Embroidery Foot With LED Pointer

The LED pointer points to where the needle will drop.

With the LED pointer foot it makes positioning of the embroidery so much easier. Just push the trace button on the machine and the little red light will show you where the design will be embroidered. 

Part No; FLED1

For fitting all the following models below. 


Model 1 Innov-is V3
Model 2 Innov-is V5
Model 3 Innov-is V5le
Model 4 Innov-is V7
Model 5 Innov-is XV
Model 6 Innov-is XE1
Model 7 Innov-is XJ1
Model 8 Innov-is XP1
EAN 49777667147730
Brand Brother
Condition New